January 2, 2017

Great Job!

"Jim, Thanks for the amazing paving and drainage work on Mallard Beach Lane in Shelton for us! "
August 21, 2016

"Rare these days to find a group of synchronized laborers like yours. I saw these type of battle drills in military and it was nice to "fall in" and join the crew materialize my vision. Everyone involved in my project was very approachable, patient and informative. I was the boss and they allowed me to fine tune the project the way I saw fit. Good asphalt in my opinion is something you don't notice. Seems like it is the uneven, cracked, puddled and unfinished asphalt that gets attention. I've had many compliments and passersby slow down to admire our work. They tell me how amazing it is and how it has improved the value of my home (which my suck when taxman comes around.) What is important to me is looking out my front window at a smooth surface with no regrets. I didn't want to regret not adding an approach, adding curves, paths and dimensions. "Do it right and damn the torpedoes." You and your men treated my project as they would have their own. The results tell the story."
February 12, 2015

"When I contacted Jim Oakes regarding my long-neglected, steep, winding, dirt driveway on Harstine Island, I was afraid I'd be waiting months and receive a bid I couldn't afford. I had seen his work, checked several references and knew he produced quality work. He looked at my waterfront site, started problem solving and provided a bid and a potential start date just two weeks out. He communicated throughout and his crew and equipment arrived on time and began immediately. In my 40 plus year career of working with teams in a variety of settings, I have rarely seen a group of workers approach a job (their second of a long hot day) with such enthusiasm, good humor, respect for me and my property, professionalism and intense focus. The crew works together so efficiently and effectively that it appears choreographed. They clearly have a great relationship and rapport with their boss and it shows in the outcome. I've waited for and saved for this paving project for years and the value added."
June 6, 2014

"Dear Jim, Thank you for a GREAT JOB. It was beyond our expectations & we couldn't be more pleased. Your crew was excellent, efficient, conscientious, friendly, very considerate. They are first rate and thank you for the Smoked Salmon. We enjoyed our first package tonight. Feel free to use us as a reference."