Shelton Residential Driveway


Get in touch with Jimini Paving if you need the services of a residential driveway contractor in Shelton, WA. The appearance of asphalt driveway impacts the curb appeal, efficiency and resale value of your home in a big way.

That is why you have to make a wise choice of the asphalt company to be hired for working on your Shelton residential driveway. Our services are available for new constructions, as well as existing properties. The wide-ranging Shelton residential driveway projects handled by us include:

  • New driveway construction
  • Driveway repaving
  • Driveway repair
  • Residential driveway sealcoating

Make sure of having a beautiful, smooth, level and durable Shelton residential driveway by getting it installed, maintained, repaired and restored only by us.

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Shelton Driveway Paving


Your Shelton driveway paving project is quite an important investment and not something that you should be rushing into. There are a number of decisions to be taken and this must be done after due deliberation. We can help.

Are you wondering whether asphalt is the right choice for Shelton driveway paving in your home? Are you anxious about the upkeep of your residential driveway? Do you need to plan the budget for your Shelton driveway paving project?

Give us a call. Our experts will be happy to address all your questions and concerns. Contact us to discuss your Shelton driveway paving requirements and know about important things like:

  • Pros and cons of asphalt driveways
  • Cost of asphalt
  • Cost of driveway installation
  • Asphalt paving maintenance tips

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Shelton Asphalt Driveway


We have vast experience in handling Shelton asphalt driveway construction, maintenance, repair and resurfacing jobs. We know exactly what goes into doing seamless work that exceeds the industry standards, as well as customer expectations.

Our Shelton asphalt driveway paving company employs extremely competent technicians and has invested in cutting-edge equipment. The outstanding resources ensure that every Shelton asphalt driveway job that comes our way is done right the first time.

With us on the job, you can expect a sturdy, long-lasting asphalt driveway and a stress-free, fully satisfying service experience. Contact us today to schedule a job in your home on the:

  • Asphalt paved driveway
  • Blacktop driveway
  • Tar and chip driveway
  • Bitumen driveway

In addition to handling Shelton asphalt driveway jobs, we also specialize in paving residential roadways of all sizes.

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