Shelton Asphalt Grading


Is improper asphalt grading ruining your Shelton, WA property? Jimini Paving can help by working on strategic areas of the surface to facilitate unhindered water drainage. Are you wondering if due attention will be given to pavement grading on the asphalt installation job for which you have signed us up? Relax!

As highly experienced paving contractors, we realize how critical Shelton asphalt grading is to the durability of the surface. Lack of correct Shelton asphalt grading can result eventually in water pooling on the installed pavement, leading further to its cracking and quick deterioration.

Therefore, we are very particular about making Shelton asphalt grading an essential part of site preparation on all paving installation jobs. We also offer solution to fix asphalt grading issues.

The grading services offered by us include:

  • Land grading for pavement install
  • Asphalt restructuring
  • Asphalt curbing
  • New asphalt installation

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Shelton Rock Grading


Our services are also available for Shelton rock grading. There are some property owners who let their driveway remain unpaved. We offer rock grading for such surfaces.

The process for Shelton rock grading involves dressing up the stone to the proper grade, crushing it down and adding the right slope. If you are interested in giving a rustic appeal to your property with a crushed rock or gravel driveway and want proper Shelton rock grading for it, hire us for the job. We even provide Shelton rock grading services for restoring proper slope of driveways that get damaged by erosion.

Contact us to learn more about our services for:

  • Residential grading
  • Commercial grading
  • Crushed rock driveway grading
  • Gravel driveway grading
  • Unpaved asphalt surface grading

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Shelton Pavement Grading


Ensuring perfection in Shelton pavement grading is as important as laying a strong foundation for any new construction. Nobody appreciates this fact more than us! Being an ethical, customer-friendly asphalt contractor, we never make the mistake of neglecting correct Shelton pavement grading. We are committed to fetching our customers optimal returns on their investment in asphalt paving. Ensuring proper Shelton pavement grading helps with this return on investment.

Whether you want assurance of appropriate asphalt grading for a new installation or need to get Shelton pavement grading issues resolved in a property you bought recently, we have you covered. Our technicians can work on all types of surfaces, including:

  • Parking lot
  • Driveway
  • Private roadway
  • Other pathways

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