Addressing Dips in Your Asphalt Driveway

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When your driveway starts to deteriorate, you shouldn’t delay in addressing these problems. Cracks and bumps can quickly turn into much bigger issues, but asphalt driveway dips in Washington are a problem that especially needs to be looked at and fixed right away. They’re typically the result of loose soil or an underground collapse beneath the driveway, or possibly changes in soil volume through natural expansion and contraction. Water can seep into these gaps and cause real damage to the base layer of the pavement surface, especially when it freezes.

Drainage should be fixed

When we see asphalt driveway dips in Washington, they’re most commonly due to the fact that a driveway is not draining properly. Water can cause all sorts of issues to paved surfaces, and a professional paving company can minimize the risk of this damage. One of the new ways that you can help water run in the proper channels is by adding permeable pavement solutions. They work with Mother Nature, not against her, and will make sure that any rainwater efficiently drains away during even the worst storms. The caveat here is that this will require essentially a replacement of your existing surface.


The most immediate fix to any asphalt driving dips in Washington is through minor patching. This can even be a DIY fix, but it’s usually best left to the pros. If a dip is only an inch or two, you can use a cold-pour filler material. These are usually used on cracks, but they can be layered to help repair deeper depressions in the surface. You should only lay down roughly a quarter inch at a time and allow the filler to cure, which usually takes a few hours. Putting down these smaller layers gradually helps ensure that every portion of the depression is properly hardening and sealing, which will increase the likelihood that the repair stands up to the test of time.

Replacing the subgrade

If your asphalt driveway is sinking in Washington, oftentimes that’s a sign that it wasn’t laid out right in the first place. A reliable paving contractor knows how to lay down proper initial layers to help mitigate this issue. This solution can vary for every home’s topography, so a paving contractor will first take a look at the rises and falls before deciding what needs to be done. This solution is a big one, as it usually requires that the driveway be completely replaced, but it can become necessary if you’ve allowed minor depressions to take hold and worsen over the years.

Asphalt is a material that can be worked with pretty easily, but it does require some maintenance over time. While doing some DIY repair on an annual basis is a good start, you’ll likely prefer to call a professional paving company like Jimini Paving. We offer a wide range of asphalt repair services, as well as the capability to replace your surface so you can start fresh and feel confident that the job was done right. Reach out today to schedule an estimate!

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