Why Does Your Parking Lot Have Puddles?

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Parking lot puddles are a reality every fall and winter in Washington. Besides being a nuisance for anyone stepping out of their car and into three inches of water, puddles on an asphalt parking lot also cause damage. They require you to pave more often and call for repairs every dry season so your parking lot does not become a pothole nightmare. Here are four reasons why you suffer puddles on your parking lot, and how you may prevent them:

  • Poor drainage: Puddles may accumulate because your parking lot lacks adequate drainage. Asphalt pavers should always make the effort to ensure proper drainage by installing slopes, grades and drains. Another option may be porous asphalt that allows for water to drain off after storms. Paving is not just about creating a flat surface, but also one that drains well. If you notice problems after repaving your lot, it’s likely that your contractor did not add grades and slopes to ensure drainage.
  • Asphalt ruts: Uneven compaction and ruts arise with use. The most common culprit is heavy equipment, as most parking lots cannot handle their weight. Heavy vehicles, like delivery trucks, can also lead to depressions in the surface. When ruts develop, they allow water to collect, and soon enough, you get parking lot puddles. This is usually regarded as standard wear and tear, and there’s not much you can do to prevent it except ban heavy equipment or large vehicles from your parking lot. However, that is not always feasible, especially if you receive frequent deliveries.
  • Grade depressions: If your asphalt contractor did not apply compaction correctly, you will eventually develop grade depressions. This is when the sub base or foundation under your asphalt is not compacted and it develops dips. The dips then move up to the surface, where you will see grade depressions and ruts. Avoid this by hiring good paving contractors and confirming their skill and reputation by reading online reviews and contacting references.
  • General wear and tear: Your parking lot takes a beating every day. Even if you keep heavier vehicles out of it and maintain its good condition, there are conditions that continue creating depressions and ruts. Warm cars that stop in a stall raise the pavement temperature slightly, and that leads pavement to soften and eventually wear out. Ice storms and the freeze/thaw cycles are also hard on parking lots. Basically, mere use of your parking lot creates conditions that must be addressed in the future.

You can avoid these conditions with good asphalt installation. Even though you’ll eventually need to repave or repair your lot, you can make this less frequent when your paving is done right the first time. That’s why it’s essential to hire a skilled paving contractor.

If you wish to avoid parking lot puddles this wet season in Washington, Jimini Paving is available. We offer paving and repair services that will reduce the presence of puddles on your parking lot. Contact us before the rains arrive so we can give you a repair estimate.

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