How Smooth Roads Benefit Everyone

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Fresh, smooth pavement is one of life’s simple pleasures. It feels great to drive on, and you know your car is much happier, too. Quality road paving in Washington is essential not just for practical driving reasons, but also for economical ones. Here are some facts about asphalt that you should know.

The basics

Asphalt is a combination of aggregates (such as sand or gravel) and bitumen, which is the sticky component that binds the mixture together. It is heated to a high temperature before pouring, and solidifies and cools quickly enough to be drivable the day after it is poured.

Asphalt vs. concrete: An easy choice

Asphalt is sometimes referred to as flexible pavement because it is able to accommodate shifting terrain much more easily than concrete. Instead of cracking under pressure, it can withstand years of heavy use before needing significant repairs. Road paving in Washington is also cost-effective for residents, because crews can completely repave a roadway in just a day or two, compared to cement paving, which takes much longer to pave and dry.

Better fuel economy

Studies have shown that when drivers have a smooth surface for their cars, they save on fuel cost. A recent study conducted on a Nevada test track found that fuel consumption was lowered by over 4 percent when drivers drove on a smooth road, compared to driving on a bumpier or rougher road surface.

Meanwhile, in Sweden, drivers who used the country’s smoothest roads saw a 10 percent fuel reduction compared to driving on rough roadways. It’s easy to see the connection between smooth roads and savings at the fuel pump, and that’s what quality asphalt road paving in Washington is all about.

Longer pavement life

Studies have also shown that when pavement is smoother, it lasts longer. In fact, the life of pavement can be extended by anywhere from 10 to 25 percent with a professionally completed job, and that means lower costs for taxpayers, since there is much less maintenance required.

Asphalt pavement is also generally much smoother than concrete pavement, with studies showing that in Washington, interstate highways are about 50 percent smoother than concrete.

Less damage to roadways

Bumpy roads cause vehicles to bounce more, and this is especially detrimental in the case of trucks, due to their large size and heavy weight. Taking advantage of asphalt road paving in Washington means that roads experience fewer of these heavy impacts, and therefore can last as much as 10 percent longer compared to concrete when smoothness is increased by just 25 percent.

Low impact for fewer repairs

Bumpy roads put undue strain on cars by rattling parts, stressing shocks, causing flat tires and more. Motorists are estimated to save about $400 per year on their car when they have smooth asphalt roads to drive on regularly.

To learn more about the many benefits of asphalt road paving in Washington, give the team at Jimini Paving a call today. We’d be glad to discuss with you how asphalt can make your next paving project much easier!

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