Ask Your Pavement Contractor in Washington About Asphalt Patching

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Potholes can seem to appear in your business parking lot almost overnight. The weather takes its toll on your asphalt paving, as does the traffic that rides on its surface. Repairing damage to your parking lot is imperative so no one gets hurt or wrecks their vehicle. A pavement contractor in Washington can help you patch your parking lot so you can get a longer life out of its asphalt paving.

Asphalt wear and tear

While asphalt is designed to last as long as 20 years, depending on the type of material you choose, it can show signs of wear from ice, rain and the sun. These elements can weaken its makeup and create cracks, holes and gaps in the pavement. These unsightly blemishes not only diminish the look of your business, but they can also pose a real safety hazard to anyone who comes on your property.

With the help of a pavement contractor in Washington, you can repair the wear and tear that has occurred to your business parking lot and recover its appearance. Simple repairs can be made to your asphalt paving, making your parking lot look like new again and fixing the holes and cracks that have surfaced in your asphalt. This will give your parking lot a refreshed look and show your customers that you care about your business and its appearance.

Asphalt repair options

A pavement contractor in Washington can use a variety of options to repair your parking lot pavement. One of the more popular ways to fix its surface is to use a hot-mix asphalt. This is a mix of sand, gravel and liquid asphalt that uses a high temperature for its application. The use of hot-mix asphalt will provide a bond with your existing pavement, allowing cracks and holes to be filled and repaired. This will even out these surfaces and prevent any more damage from occurring to that area.

Another option for the repair of potholes in your parking lot is the use of cold asphalt patching compound. This can be done by yourself or by a pavement contractor in Washington, as it doesn’t require extreme temperatures for its installation. This patching mix uses a combination of polymers to adhere to the pavement surface. As the compound hits the air, it begins to cure and will harden over time.

It is not necessary to use thick or heavy amounts of cold asphalt patching compound to fix a pothole, as it will only increase the curing time and not its durability. Use a generous amount of the mix, but refrain from going overboard in its application.

Both hot-mix and cold compound asphalt are ideal ways to fix those potholes that have found their way onto your business’ parking lot. A pavement contractor in Washington can provide you with effective repairs to your paving and ensure you have a durable application that lasts. Call Jimini Paving when your parking lot needs an asphalt makeover. We offer repair services as well as resurfacing and new application of asphalt paving.

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