Important Reasons to Consider Asphalt Repair in Washington for Potholes

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There are many reasons why potholes form. It could be due to conditions like age, harsh weather, not maintaining the asphalt, normal wear and tear or constant heavy vehicle traffic rolling through. And while potholes can form anytime, spring is known to bring more potholes as the ground slowly thaws after winter. This happens because rainwater under the pavement surface expands and contracts through the seasons—it gradually flexes and weakens. Whatever you do, don’t ignore visible damage, no matter how small it may seem.

Here are a few important reasons to seek professional asphalt repair in Washington to deal with commercial or residential potholes this spring.

To prevent further damage

You’re not alone if you think that one small pothole at the edge of your parking lot or driveway is no big deal. The truth is, even a single pothole can cause a lot of damage to paved surfaces. For this reason, you should consider what causes potholes, so as to prevent further damage. First, standing water is the number one factor in pothole development. At the beginning, water penetrates the pavement surface before reaching and weakening the base asphalt layer. Existing potholes are even more inviting, letting water in faster and in greater volume. Repair potholes quickly to prevent enlargement and more substantial asphalt damage.

To avoid costly repairs later on

When planning pothole repairs, it’s important for you to think in the long term. In other words, avoid the urge to make quick or temporary repairs, because the problem will undoubtedly come back tenfold. Completely ignoring small potholes is also not a good decision. Unfixed potholes on paved surfaces like streets, parking lots and driveways can get bigger and multiply with heavy use, leading to more expensive repairs. Finally, practicing regular preventive maintenance will also save your pocketbook in the long run.

To improve safety

Potholes can damage more than just your paved asphalt surfaces. These holes, no matter their size, cause a variety of damage to vehicles, including flat tires, wheel misalignment and thrown suspensions. And the faster the vehicle travels over potholes, the higher the possibility for damage. But not only are potholes a danger to vehicles that drive over them, they’re also trip hazards for pedestrians. Making sure your pavement is in good condition will keep everyone safe and happy.

To boost curb appeal

Wanting to maintain a beautiful home or business property is a good approach to ownership. Spring is a great time to make improvements to bolster curb appeal, which includes repairing those ugly potholes on your driveway or parking lot, or suggesting pothole repairs for city streets. If you want to ensure making a good first impression on your customers, consider sealcoating in addition to pothole repairs.

Whether you notice a local city street in dire straits or your commercial parking lot is riddled with cracks and potholes and requires asphalt repair in Washington, look no further than the folks at Jimini Paving. We are the experts for all your asphalt repair and repaving needs—contact us today!

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