Talk to Your Asphalt Contractor in Washington About Parking Lot Maintenance

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Since parking lots are subjected to a great deal of vehicle and foot traffic, it’s no surprise that they’re susceptible to cosmetic issues and damage of all sizes. From normal wear and tear to damage caused by human error or the elements, you should regularly inspect your business’ parking lot to ensure the asphalt is always in the best condition possible.

Here are some helpful maintenance tips from a trusted asphalt contractor in Washington to keep your parking lot looking great all year:

  • Clean often: Whether using a sweeper or a blower, make sure your parking lot is clear of leaves, dirt, rocks, loose gravel and other kinds of debris. A clean lot gives a positive first impression to customers, while extending its life and providing a safe surface for driving and walking on. Also, regular parking lot sweeps are the first line of defense in the war against drainage problems, cracks, holes and unwanted vegetation growth.
  • Drain standing water: Small puddles of water in your parking lot may seem harmless, but in fact, standing water is the main cause of weakened asphalt layers. This is because, if pooled water is not removed, it can seep through the pavement surface. Asphalt that is compromised won’t be able to maintain a stable structure, eventually giving way to the stress of heavy vehicle traffic. This leads to a parking lot full of cracks and holes.
  • Repair cracks and potholes: Standing water is not the only thing that’s likely to ruin your parking lot. Weakened asphalt, cracks and potholes and other damage come about over time, but further problems—like popped tires, tripping and costly repair bills—can be prevented with proper maintenance. So, for safety’s sake and appearance, assess the state of your parking lot often for problems, and don’t ignore needed repairs.
  • Keep it sealed: Sealcoating their parking lot is one of the best moves a property owner can make. It helps to prevent the asphalt from becoming distorted, while ensuring the surface maintains its looks and luster for longer. Sealcoating also retards the natural breakdown of parking lot asphalt by blocking water, sunlight, debris and other elements from getting in. This is why leaving the pavement surface unprotected is not recommended.
  • Revive stripes: After you’ve done a thorough sweep, made repairs to cracks and filled in potholes, you might want to consider revamping your parking lot with a fresh coat of paint over faded parking spot markings. Not only does repainting the stripes increase your business’ curb appeal, it also contributes to a more organized flow of traffic through your parking lot.

It goes without saying that your parking lot is going to require maintenance or a surface rejuvenation at some point. The key to a long-lasting lot is to fix damage immediately, and to do it right. If you own a business parking lot and need to hire a commercial asphalt contractor in Washington for repaving services or repairs, make sure your first call is to the skilled and experienced team at Jimini Paving!

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