The Importance of Pavement Grading in Washington

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Paved or asphalt roads, driveways and pathways are designed to last, so it can be frustrating when they start to crack and deteriorate sooner than anticipated. One of the main reasons asphalt or pavement damage occurs is due to improper grading. Grading is the process of laying a base layer during pavement or asphalt installation to ensure that your driveway is level and structurally sound.

Not all contractors put enough time and effort into correct pavement grading, potentially leaving you with unstable or cracking driveways and pools of water. Pavement grading in Washington is extremely important for the longevity of your pavement driveway or pathway.

Why grading is important

Pavement grading creates a solid foundation for your driveway or pathway. Without this solid foundation, you may experience problems with your pavement soon after its installation. Grading is the stable base that helps asphalt or pavement last a long time and resist damage.

Grading also is crucial for preventing water from pooling and seeping into cracks, which leads to shifting and cracking of the pavement surface. Proper grading should allow water to run off the asphalt, not sit on top of it.

Correct pavement grading protects the property around your driveway, too. Grading helps guide proper water drainage, preventing water from flooding your home or garage and resulting in structural damage to surrounding areas.

Grading and pitch

Before the installation of asphalt or pavement, there is a process for grading and pitch that must take place. The land being paved needs to be filled or cut, leveled out and then pitched. Pitch is when pavement is slightly tipped one or multiple ways—pavement should not be installed perfectly level. This is what allows water to drain from the driveway or pathway away from your home. A paving professional will be able to provide services for pitching and pavement grading in Washington.

Types of grading

There are two major types of grading depending on what type of driveway or pathway you have. If your driveway is unpaved, rock grading can be used. Pavers will dress up and crush the stone to the proper grade, then slope it on the driveway to create drainage pathways.

If your driveway is paved, grading should be installed below the asphalt or pavement. To help fix existing asphalt, curbing or new asphalt can be added to the sides or parts of the driveway. This works to alleviate standing water and direct water away.

Don’t hesitate to grade your driveway

Grading pavement is crucial to the stability, longevity and protection of your asphalt or pavement driveways and pathways. Grading and pitching are essential to drain water to prevent cracks or structural damage. Different types of grading will be used depending on whether your driveway is paved or unpaved, but both styles will need to be leveled and pitched appropriately.

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