Seven Most Common Causes of Asphalt Damage

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Asphalt typically lasts a long time, but it is consistently subjected to conditions that cause damage. Different types of damage need to be identified and often require specific types of asphalt repair in Washington. If damage is left untreated, asphalt can deteriorate until it needs to be completely replaced.

So what causes asphalt damage? There are many causes, including weather and construction problems. It’s important to understand the causes of damage in order to properly implement effective asphalt repair in Washington. Here are seven major causes of asphalt damage:

  • Heavy traffic: Heavy vehicles like delivery trucks put a lot of pressure on asphalt roads. Consistent stress on asphalt can cause different types of cracks and lead to the formation of potholes.
  • Water: Water settling on the top of roads can wear on the asphalt and cause initial cracks. If water sinks into already formed cracks, it can cause further damage in the base layer. Both surface cracks and major base layer damage will require asphalt repair in Washington.
  • Oxidation: When asphalt oxidizes, it breaks down and becomes less flexible and more rigid. A lack of flexibility makes asphalt more susceptible to cracks, particularly when paired with heavy traffic.
  • UV rays: UV rays break down asphalt binder and cause it to become brittle. This is one of the causes of encountering loose gravel on asphalt roads.
  • Construction issues: Problems with the initial installation of asphalt can cause many issues down the line. Weak asphalt mixtures, too much or too little asphalt layering and uneven spreading of asphalt can cause crumbling, cracks and unevenness in asphalt roads.
  • Oil stains: Oil leaks from parked cars can seep into asphalt and ruin the top layers. If oil sits in the asphalt for too long, it will become very difficult to remove or repair.
  • Earth settlement: Due to the forces of nature, the earth underneath the asphalt can shift or settle over time. Settlement can cause unevenness or dips in roads and cracks.

There are many causes of asphalt damage that lead to a variety of issues that will require repair. Some causes are purely natural and cannot be prevented, like earth settlement, oxidation and UV rays. Other causes, however, such as oil stains and water drainage issues, can be prevented through planning and frequent inspection. Further, construction issues can be prevented by working with a reliable asphalt and paving company to install asphalt in your roads, parking lots or driveways.

No matter the cause, damage will require some form of asphalt repair in Washington. It is important to treat asphalt damage as soon as possible, as many initial cracks or uneven sections can lead to more intense problems like potholes or structural damage over the long run.

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