Five Signs Your Business’ Parking Lot Is in Need of Asphalt Repair in Washington

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Automobile tires take a lot of abuse when out on the roads. Tires routinely encounter road imperfections—like jagged potholes, raised spots and loose gravel—that can cause damage, even flats. Unfortunately, these same imperfections and more are also found on commercial parking lots, scattered around like little landmines. Parking lot asphalt surfaces will begin to wear over time, but through proper maintenance and keeping an eye out for problems, fixes can be made early to avoid costly asphalt replacement.

So, whether you own a commercial building or lease a space for your business, you want to make sure the parking lot is safe for your customers to drive and walk on. Here are five signs to watch out for that may mean your business’ parking lot is in need of asphalt repair in Washington:

  • Cracks: Business parking lots are subjected to an incredible amount of weight. Cars park on them, trucks drive over them and pedestrians walk on them, every single day—not to mention the toll that weather takes on them. Like damage due to vehicle and foot traffic, over time, sun exposure can dull and weaken asphalt and rain can make small cracks wider. It’s no wonder you’re noticing cracks appear in the pavement!
  • Holes: Depending on the quality of the parking lot asphalt, holes can develop over a matter of weeks, months or years and usually begin as thin, unfixed cracks. Some potholes are manmade, such as by dropping an extremely heavy object on the asphalt or a tire kicking up an already weakened spot. Whether big, small, wide or shallow, call a professional for parking lot repairs before car wheel alignments get thrown off or someone twists an ankle.
  • Bumps: Like cracks and potholes, bumps are known to pop up over time or because of the age of the parking lot. A lot of the time, parking lot bumps appear to take on the shape of tiny volcanoes or anthills, which could be because of underground erosion from water getting under the surface. Not only are bumps unsightly, but they are also dangerous for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Fluid stains: Although fluids left behind by parked vehicles are not likely to cause immediate parking lot damage, what you may not be aware of is that fluids—like motor oil, coolant and brake fluid—might eventually eat away at the adhesive properties in most unsealed asphalt materials.
  • Vegetation growth: We’ve all seen pretty yellow dandelions growing up from separations in the sidewalk and grass sprouting up along curbs. Similarly, it’s common to see vegetation growing up through cracks and holes in damaged parking lots. The first problem with this is that it’s a sign of damaged asphalt, but second, water draining into where vegetation is thriving could also cause that spot to erode even further.

While the safety of your customers, clients and passersby takes top priority, you should also consider aesthetics. If your commercial parking lot fails to impress with adequate curb appeal, then people’s perceptions of your business will likely be negative. Don’t let this happen to you! For quality and reliable asphalt repair in Washington, call on the experienced asphalt paving team at Jimini Paving. Contact us today to schedule a visit!

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