What You Need to Know About Asphalt Cutting in Washington

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It is possible your paving, grading or repair project may require asphalt cutting in Washington. Many people are familiar with the paving and repair process, but some of the more extreme cases also require cutting, which can replace large sections of damaged asphalt. Here is what you ought to know about this process and how it can help you.

What is asphalt cutting?

If you require blacktop excavation or asphalt replacement, you will need asphalt cutting. It is the way to remove large sections of asphalt to facilitate replacement.

You will find asphalt cutting necessary with pothole repair and serious damage, like that resulting from sinkholes. In these jobs, filling cracks and holes is often not enough, and your best option to assure safety is replacing entire sections.

How is it different from cutting other surfaces?

Asphalt is softer than concrete, and for that reason, it requires a diamond blade with a hard bond. Soft-bonded blades are not going to work for these jobs.

The cutting blade works by wearing away as it cuts through asphalt. Each time it wears out, it removes another layer of grit, which allows for cutting. Depending on the repairs being made and the quality of your asphalt, we will use either a wet or dry blade.

How do you do it?

When we arrive to repair asphalt and blacktop, we are prepared to finish three basic steps of asphalt cutting. First, we sweep the area of all debris, since the cutting process can throw it and risk injuring workers. Blades can also break if they catch on twigs or rocks, which leaves workers vulnerable and makes completing your job take longer. That is why a clean surface is essential.

Once swept, we mark cutting lines using chalk. We only cut where the asphalt remains in good shape, so we will cut out an area that is larger than the damaged spot. Do not be alarmed if it appears we are taking out more than necessary. This assures that all damage is removed and your repair is completed correctly.

Finally, we make the cuts where we marked them. We only do square angles because cutting round shapes is difficult and does not patch as easily. Workers only cut one angle at a time and turn off the saw before cutting additional angles. That is because it is dangerous to move the saw while still cutting.

Once we remove the damaged asphalt, we replace it with another piece that is also cut to fit. We fill in the edges to assure a seamless appearance and durability.

Why should I hire a contractor?

Asphalt cutting is difficult to get right on the first try. It takes skill and knowledge to cut straight lines and know where to position them. Your first try may not include the entire pothole or other asphalt damage, so you would have to start again.

Equipment is also an important consideration. Attempting to do this yourself with rented equipment does not guarantee you will go into this prepared. When you hire knowledge, skill and the right tools, you can rest assured this will be completed correctly.

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