Tips for Maintaining an Asphalt Parking Lot from a Paving Contractor in Washington

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At Jimini Paving, we install and repair asphalt parking lots for a wide variety of commercial clients. While we are certainly happy to make any repairs you need, we do like to remind our customers that the best way to keep your parking lot in shape and to avoid unnecessarily frequent repairs is to engage in regular asphalt maintenance.

Here are a few tips for maintaining an asphalt parking lot, straight from a paving contractor in Washington:

  • Perform regular visual inspections: Take some time each day to quickly survey your parking lot. It doesn’t need to be a serious, in-depth investigation; just take enough time to quickly scan the area and see if any debris is collecting or ponds are forming.
  • Clean regularly: Sweep off debris from your parking lot whenever possible. This includes rocks, leaves, dirt and more. Not only does this serve to make your parking lot more attractive and welcoming, but it also extends the asphalt’s life. A buildup of debris and dirt can cause poor drainage, which in turn leads to more standing water on the surface of the asphalt. Over time, standing water softens the surface, getting into the sub base and forming cracks and potholes.
  • Create proper drainage: Another way to avoid standing water is to create proper drainage in your parking lot. Clear all basins whenever they are blocked up, and make sure you have set up your lot in a way that will allow water to run off to the sides and into drains.
  • Eliminate weeds: It’s not uncommon to see weeds begin to grow through asphalt cracks. Quickly eliminating them whenever you see them begin to pop up will help to prevent long term damage. As these weeds grow, their roots become stronger, pushing up through the pavement, breaking down the surface of the asphalt and even creating tripping hazards.
  • Patch cracks and holes: Whenever you have small cracks or holes beginning to pop up, fill them as quickly as you can with a sealant or patching material. Patching keeps weeds from growing and potentially causing more damage. It keeps water from seeping through the cracks and holes and causing even more damage underneath the pavement. It also serves to prevent tripping hazards for people who are walking through your lot. Quickly patching and sealing is a great strategy to make minor repairs yourself and keep your parking lot in great condition for a longer time.
  • Get the help of an expert for large jobs: If cracks and holes are beginning to get larger and you believe there’s nothing you can do to repair them yourself, make sure you hire a skilled expert to come in and get your parking lot back to pristine condition. Attempting to repair significant damage yourself could end up making matters worse.

For more information about the types of services we offer at Jimini Paving, we encourage you to contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions you have for our paving contractor in Washington.

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