How to Choose an Asphalt Contractor in Washington

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While repaving your asphalt driveway might not necessarily be the most exciting home improvement task, it is one that is necessary, and it can add a great deal of value to your home. Therefore, it’s important you choose the right contractor to get the job done so you can ensure your driveway is paved with the highest standards of quality.

Here are a few tips to help you choose an asphalt contractor in Washington:

  • Do plenty of research: Research a wide variety of different contractors and companies before settling on one. You will want to know more than just prices, though those are certainly important as well. Look up reviews online to get an idea of the level of service they provide. Ask people you know about their experiences with different asphalt paving contractors. Call up the contractor yourself to discuss their services and get a good idea of how personable and professional they are. All of these tactics can help you get a better idea of the kind of person or company you are working with.
  • Go with what works: As in many different types of labor businesses, there are plenty of contractors in the paving world who claim to have “cutting edge” technologies or methods that will help people save money. In reality, there’s nothing particularly fancy about paving. The jobs that are done the best are done by contractors who are committed to hard work and quality, rather than getting it done as quickly and cheaply as possible. So you might want to be wary of working with someone who claims to have “secret” methods to make the job easier.
  • Research asphalt paving standards: There are certain standards of quality associated with asphalt paving jobs that you should be aware of. For example, contractors might choose to apply a top layer on the driveway, or tear out the entire driveway to redo it. For the first method, contractors should put down at least two inches of asphalt. Redone driveways require a gravel base before placing down a three-inch layer of asphalt. If the driveway has poor drainage, even more asphalt may be needed.
  • Talk to your contractor: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Talk about the scheduling for the job and the deadlines you’ll need to meet—your chosen contractor must be able to work within your deadlines. You should also ask about pricing, thickness of asphalt and anything else you might find yourself to be unsure about. Contractors should be comfortable answering these questions thoroughly and honestly. If not, then you probably should not hire them.
  • Identify problems: Any good contractor will be able to identify any potential problems that could add challenges to your job, such as a lack of underlying support in the driveway, improper drainage on your land and more. They should tell you about this immediately. A contractor that is upfront about this type of information is more likely to be worth working with.

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